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Add an Icon or Image to Browser Tab for Website

This article will tell you how to add the little graphic icon next to your name in the browser tab. This is easy to do in Yahoo SiteBuilder. Here is an example of what I m talking about.

browserTo get started you need to create the image you want to display. Make this image in your favorite graphics program. You can use Microsoft paint that is include with your windows computer if need be. Make sure your images is no larger then 200px by 200px.

Next go to and you will be able to have your favicon created. Simply upload your image and you will get a preview of your favicon in the browser. You will then be able to edit is and download the file.

Download the .ico file

Go into Yahoo SiteBuilder and drop it in the same level as your web pages in the site manger. Do not stick it in your image folder. It must be on the top directory.

Thats it. Now the browsers will show you icon in the tab.

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